Jacksonville, FL

downtown JAX skyline

We managed to escape from New England, and a 14″ snowfall in Belfast, on Feb. 24 and arrived in sunny (and hot on that Sunday) Florida on Feb. 28. We’re all set up in our little home-on-wheels at JAX NAS (naval air station, for the non-military types!).

My challenge (and it’s turning out to be a HUGE one!) for this trip is to start this blog, and hopefully go retroactive with comments and photos from past trips. When I’m not scratching my head on this, I am enjoying walking Lucy across grassy areas, going to the fitness centre where the pilates instructor is scary! and the sessions are gruesome, reading and taking in some of Jacksonville’s pleasures.

click here to go to Riverside Arts

On Saturday we went to the opening of Riverside Arts Market, downtown on the riverfront and under the I95 overpass.

Riverside Arts

A great variety of musicians

It was a regular canine parade! Lucy would have outshone them all, of course, but she was resting up at home in the camper. All those other dogs would have been way too much for her!

Bernards chillin’

Now – THAT would have been a reason for Lucy to come along!


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