Visiting Friends Along the Way!

After leaving Tampa, we drove up to Ocala, FL to spend the night with Lorraine and Gene (Wieskamp), across the Florida pan-handle to Daphne, AL to spend almost a week with our good friend Betty – Lucy managed to terrorize cats at both locations! From Alabama we made our way to Winchester, Va to see Ray, Moira and Trixie Scudder. Oh! how lovely all the dogwood and spring flowers were all along the way. It’s such a treat and one of the reasons we love being in the south at this time of year.

We made a quick stop in Montgomery, AL to meet up with Mike McKim and his wife, Martha. I knew Mike when he was a young AF lieutenant stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany and I was pretty young myself! I’m waiting for him to send me some pictures that he and Martha took during our brief visit.

Breakfast on the lanai in Ocala with the Wieskamps

Doing some gardening at Betty's

After the gardening!

African Iris

I first saw these beautiful African Iris when visiting New Orleans with Betty some years ago. We saw them in a garden, and when the (elderly) lady saw our interest, she invited us into her wonderfully private and shaded garden behind the house where she had an abundance of these amazing plants. She even gave us some (plants) to take home.


The flowers on this magnolia tree are enormous (about the size of a dinner plate!)

All aboard for a boat ride!

Skipper Ray

First Mate Moira

Navigator Trixie


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