Boats on the move

Sorry …. but the new boatyard holds a fascination for me. We walked over yesterday evening – the light on the Passy and harbor was beautiful, but I only had my ‘droid with me. I’m actually amazed at the reasonable quality.



Anyway, whilst over in the boatyard, we struck up a conversation with a group of Aussies (from Sydney) who were “stranded” here. One of their boats the catamaran “No Rehearsal” (in a previous photo). It’s interesting to see the mix of boats, where they’re from, maybe meet some of the owners. A little more “from away” culture for Belfast.


Wednesday – they continue to be moved from the boatyard back into the water.



2 thoughts on “Boats on the move

  1. Obviously Belfast was a safe harbour for them and good that they chose it. I wonder how they would have fared someplace else. Some excitement for the town, probably helped with tourism too.

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