I wondered whether my hair would ever be the same after the blue lagoon treatment, but, thankfully, it’s fine and didn’t turn green or anything!

Dinner last night was terrific – at Hamborgara Fabrikkan- a deservedly packed place not too far from here, where I enjoyed a delicious lamb burger, while dennis remained the traditionalist, and stuck with beef.

Rain was forecast for today, but we lucked out with light drizzle. This is an extremely manageable city and we walked most of it today. It reminds me very much of Ushuaia! Maybe not so surprisingly. The architecture (many of the buildings with corrugated siding and roofs; the coast line; and it has a sturdiness and practical feel to it.


We were most impressed with the newly opened concert hall, right down on the harbor. I’m sure the glass would have reflected even more on a sunny day.




Lunch was one of the local specialties – pylsur – a hot dog with onions, mustard, ketchup and remoulade. This little stand is supposed to have the best in Reykjavik.


Hallgrimskirkja church was another destination. We were lucky enough to hear the organ being played.






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