September 26, 2011: We took our friends’ car – an older volvo station wagon and drove to Berlin today. Pretty long day, but we have the whole day tomorrow to explore and see some of the new architecture, etc. It’s been many years since we were last here, and Dennis was very restricted in where he could go. I was here many, many years ago and had quite an adventure with my friend Lolita!!!!

September 27, 2011: We set out bright and early with our day pass for the local transit system. No, the umbrella wasn’t needed – after all yesterday evening was so summer like! Hmmm! We stepped out of the metro and couldn’t figure out why the steps were wet!!! 6 euros later and we were kitted out with plastic capes which were a good insurance that the weather would clear up.



We wandered around the check point Charlie crossing area and Friedrichstrasse – wanting to see what had become of the ugly east block style apartment buildings. Of course, they were nowhere to be seen, replaced by modern buildings. Over to Brandenburg Tor and to see the Reichstag building, a quick lunch with a glass of apfelwein, we then joined the 3.5 hour free walking tour.




Which included the memorial to the murdered Jews of europe, or holocaust memorial. It’s a very interesting and thought provoking site.




The twin cathedrals….






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