I just found out about Rebecca

I’ve been working on uploading our pictures from Viet Nam and my mind wandered to Rebecca and Dade, the couple we met a year ago in Puerto Montt, and who inspired me to start this blog. I have her blog bookmarked and thought I’d check in to see what trips they’ve been on, and was surprised to see none listed from Jan ’11 (when we met) until Dec ’11. I clicked on it and saw Katmandu and was thinking to myself – you lucky devils – when I found, reading it, that Dade was obviously alone and he was there on a mission – to spread Rebecca’s ashes! They mentioned that she’d had a bout with melanoma, and was carefully protecting herself from the sun, but ….

So I googled Rebecca Garrison-Sokoloff and found her obituary. She died November 13, 2011 – 34 years old! my God! I also found her facebook page and discovered this picture (which we’ve never seen before)

taken by either Dade or Rebecca from their balcony – coincidentally a deck or two above ours.

Here’s a picture of Rebecca, drinking a pisco sour (we both had one or two!)  taken in the restaurant in Puerto Varas (lifted from her blog)

Rebecca Garrison-Sokoloff


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