Anna Maria Island

A perfect day today and we decided to give Lucy a treat with a run in the ocean. We headed south to DeSoto Monument and Anna Maria Island.

leash law

There’ll probably be many more photos like this before the end of April!

run, run, run

bridge to St. Petersburg

lunch time

Lunch at this fabulously authentic pier restaurant (Rod & Reel). It wasn’t made to look rustic, it is rustic! but the grouper was delicious. Dennis (brave soul!) tried grouper cheeks, which turned out to be delicate, flaky, white meat nugget sized pieces.

Dennis cheek to cheek with grouper cheek!

grilled grouper sandwich

A fun outing! First of many to come…


One thought on “Anna Maria Island

  1. Great photos, Chris! It’s nice to be reminded of how the world looks without snow and of the fact that there are feet concealed in winter boots. Even Lucy seems to wear a grin of pleasure!

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