Zipping’n’dipping in Roatan, Honduras

We arrived at Coxen Hole port at 9 a.m. and quickly disembarked to check in with the South Shore Tours for our zip’n’dip adventure. Eleven of us were in the van that drove up into the hills in the western part of the island which is 35 miles long and 4 miles wide, and 36 miles from the mainland. We were kitted out with our harnesses, helmets and gloves and given explicit safety instructions. It was fantastic! There were 13 lines with the longest being 1000 feet. We were disengaged at each platform and reattached to the next line The infra structure looked very solid and was attractively built. After the zip lining, we were taken to West Bay beach with beautiful crystal clear turquoise water. After our dip we were taken back to the ship.

We had no sooner arrived at the beach than Sid and June showed up! We just couldn’t get away from them!!!!!

The port itself looked to be fairly new, and is very attractive with bougenvilla cascading over the balconies.


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