Lucky Dawgs

OK – for a change, this has nothing to do with Lucy, but it does have to do with eating! our other favourite past time!

I read about this place – Lucky Dawgs – on several of my information sites that I always check (for places to see and eat, etc.) and it came up #1 on all of them – of course, one has to take into consideration that St. Mary’s, GA is pretty small (maybe like Belfast, but not like Belfast!)

Anyway, we were not disappointed. One of the reviews said to pay no attention to the gas station right next door – well, yeah! this place is essentially in the forecourt, but it didn’t matter. I also read that it was a hot dog stand with an added patio – also true, except, one could say that it’s now a patio with a hot dog stand! It was mentioned that it was a hangout for the locals – definitely! We felt as though we were crashing a party, because we were the only ones not being hugged, which was fine with us!

The food was good, the draughts were cheap, the patio was more memorable. Here we go with some images …







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