May 17, 2012

A gorgeous day today and Lucy and I took a walk through town and back home across the footbridge.

The furniture has all had a good polishing and the house is clean 🙂

Now to make some decadent sounding chocolate cupcakes for Saturday’s vintage fashion show at St. Margaret’s. It has shaped up to sound like a really interesting event with Megan, President of the historical society and museum, giving a talk about women of Belfast from 1890-1920’s. She’s extremely witty and very knowledgeable about our history, so I know it’s going to be terrific. I’ll be the on-site photographer! We’re going over to set up the room later this afternoon, and will have a dress rehearsal this evening.

This dress, now owned by the Belfast Museum, is a gorgeous example of a garment worn by one of the notable women of Belfast, Louise Pratt. Her husband, Admiral William V. Pratt, was a top ranking officer in the U.S. Navy. She had this pink satin and velvet and rhinestone ball gown made by the House of Worth in Paris, and wore it for a presidential ball. Unfortunately, it’s too fragile to be worn, but will be displayed on a mannequin. However, we have a number of other garments which will be modeled that were loaned to us by the museum, theatre group, and private individuals. Fun, fun, fun!




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