June 8, 2012

Not much going on except waiting for this dreary weather to clear out – supposedly Sunday! It’s been about a week of rain showers and clouds.However, it’s been a good time for transplanting. I dug a climbing rose (New Dawn) and moved her over to the front of the pergola, and took some hydrangea cuttings and planted them – so far successfully.

I had to pull out all the poppies because they got beaten down! Their vibrant orange was so gorgeous in the garden.

The peonies are ready to pop – with a little warmth, they’ll do just that! Can’t wait to cut some and bring inside. The “passion flower” clematis, as I call it, because it looks just like a passion flower, is climbing up the pergola.

Veggies are coming along. Arugula and mesclun ready to cut. Peas and beans are growing by leaps and bounds. Something is chewing on my peppers 😦 Maybe slugs? I put a ring of diatemeateous (sorry, no idea how to spell that!)   around them today just in case. Of course, if it rains, will have to do it all over again.

My cast iron tortilla press arrived yesterday, so am dying to make some corn tortillas. Just have to find some masa harina around here! Might not be so easy!


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