A Day at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay

We decided to take a day off on Friday, and were able to pick up the free passes from the library to go down to Boothbay and visit the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. I hadn’t been there for quite a while and was pleased with how it looks. Of course, I got several ideas of plants and things I would like, even though I don’t have a square inch of space available and am definitely not expanding!

I love the idea of a vertical garden – especially for herbs, lettuce, mesclun, radishes, etc. It could be close to the house, easy for picking, easy to water, and there would be no weeds to pull! Saves on the aching back!

Something else that we could use instead of ugly and not very serviceable  downspouts. This could catch the rain water from the gutter right into a barrel for watering pots on the deck!

what a cute little coreopsis!

love this Bunchflower!

I’m not thinking about a new shed, or planting grass on the roof of the one we have, but thought this was adorable – especially with the decorative fencing!

I’ve already forgotten the name of this plant, but think it’s very attractive.

… and in the landscape

The fairy garden reminded me of our time on Monhegan – years ago!


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