February 28 in Georgia (King’s Bay Navy Submarine Base)

We arrived safely at St. Mary’s, Georgia after travelling 1511 miles – all without incident. We had good stop overs with Agnita, Henk and the girls and with Moira, Ray and Trixie. Now to get ourselves organized! The camper was fine, but the new cover we put on last year took a real beating and is quite shredded in places, but considering it withstood a hurricane or two, no complaints. At least we won’t be doing RV storage any more:)

The temps are considered cool, and a chill is forecast, but we are happy and it gives us time to acclimatize!

I love “our private” parking space at the commissary! (Never seen another car parked there) and I should have been picked up by an ambulance, as I almost had heart failure at the $183 tab to stock us up!!

And Lucy is loving her walks already and on alert for ‘gators!



One thought on “February 28 in Georgia (King’s Bay Navy Submarine Base)

  1. Glad you had a good trip. Cool here for the next few days. At a lacrosse game in Tampa last night, where even with our winter attire on we were freezing. We commented on if it were 66 in Maine this time of year we would be in shorts and t-shirts. Enjoy your southern stay!

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