Day 3 – Colca Canyon and valley

A shockingly early morning call at 3 a.m. To be on e road by 4 so we can drive to the Colca Canyon and see condors!  The canyon at 13,000 feet depth, is much deeper than the Grand Canyon. However, after sunrise and seeing the stunning scenery of  terraced mountain sides, llamas and alpaca herds, wild vicunyas, desolate villages – the early morning start was long forgotten.  We passed the highest point of 16,000 feet without stopping on the way, but stopped on our way back to see the views of the surrounding snow-covered volcanoes and the hillside filled with stacked stone offerings to the Gods.

we were successful in seeing quite a few condors soaring overhead:)

our drive through the the canyon ended up at our hotel for the nIght (Colca Lodge and Spa) with hot spring fed spas right down next to the river. Delicious!



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