Day 6 – to the Sacred Valley

Rene, our guide told us the evening before our departure for the Sacred Valley that there was social unrest with strikers blocking the roads at the junction town of Juliaca. He was most distressed to tell us that we needed to get up at 2.30 a.m. And get on the road at 3.30 in convoy with some other buses to by-pass the town, and also before the strikers were up and about and able to stop us! What excitement.  The route we took to circumvent Juliaca was on farm roads, across bridges that I’m sure weren’t build to carry the weight of our bus, down narrow village streets, etc. what an adventure! all went well, but it ended up being a very long day on the road as we didn’t arrive at our hotel in Urubamba until late afternoon. We did, however, make a stop at Raqchi, a holy Incan site with remarkable ruins.


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