Ten days with the gg-sons

Always lots going on in the McPherran household with 4.5 and 2.75 year old boys! Mum and Dad took off for three nights (the last quiet time they’ll have for quite some time!) while gg and bampa held down the fort.

  • Putting together the gingerbread house was quite successful and required lots of concentration.
  • Moxie tried helping, so she had the job of being Moxie the Moose!
  • A couple of shepherd’s pies were made and frozen for when Kat doesn’t feel up to fixing meals.
  • Greyson really enjoyed his dinner and some snuggles afterwards.
  • A trip to Ikea and encounter with Santa
  • Swim lessons for Peter
  • Walks to the playground
  • Fries at McDonalds for being good boys
  • Snuggles with GG
  • Playing trains with Bampa

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