Photogenic winter wonderland

Once the sun came out everything started glistening and sparkling and the sights are truly beautiful. Thousands of people in Waldo County lost power to include entire towns; downtown Belfast was pitch black, but the we, on the (east) Belfast Riviera, were spared all those hardships. It is awful enough to be without power, but with darkness drawing in so early, the cold, and the fear of pipes freezing it is not romantic at all. A secondary heat source is essential here, which we discovered in the ice-storm of ’98 when we functioned quite well with our wood burning stove and gas parlor stove – and we are kitted out with the same equipment here also. Most people have their power restored with thanks to the crews who worked all through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – and the guys that came from states far and near to assist.

Gorgeous early morning sea smoke.


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