Enjoying my January clean

Instead of the usual mindset of wanting to lose weight, this year I decided to focus on detoxifying my body and eating a clean diet for a month. I found two plans that looked do-able – one a 28-day and the other 21-day. I started out on the 28-day program but switched to Dr. Alejandro Junger’s 21-day program because I liked the regimen better. It is quite restrictive with the following foods excluded: dairy, sugar, caffeine, gluten, beef and pork, eggs, alcohol, and some fruits and vegetables. Many have asked “what can you eat?” And surprisingly there is a huge variety.

I’ll be honest, the first three days were not easy – fuzzy head with headache (caffeine withdrawal), but on the fourth day everything was fine. I feel many benefits and not many drawbacks. The food is tasty and varied and I LOVE the fact that mangoes and avocados are among the allowed and encouraged foods.

My newly purchased vitamix has been put to the test making a variety of shakes, soups; making almond butter, coconut milk and more. I’ve used it just about every day since I bought it.

This evening I went to a potluck dinner and took a delicious Indian soup comprising red lentils, onion, cauliflower, butternut squash and spiced with ginger, mustard seed, and cumin seed. It was clean and delicious – and it was all I ate!!! The photos are of a tasty beet soup and a roasted vegetable and kale soup. They were both yummy and see how smooth they get in my lovely blender!

I look forward to a good cup of coffee – straight up! And maybe an egg or two and some Greek yogurt, but otherwise I am going to try and stick to these principles.




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