Colby and Lincoln – 1/23/2014

I was thinking about Colby and Lincoln (I wonder if I’ll always think of them in that order?) as I was waiting to go to sleep last night. Excitement and relief for Kat and Ian, and the rest of the family, that they were born without trauma and are healthy weights and have healthy bodies.

Colby was always at the forefront and ready during the entire pregnancy. In my almost daily conversations with Kat, and her reports from her many doctors’ visits, it was always Colby who was head down and ready to emerge into the world first. He was the one who turned his face to the camera on the ultrasound and bared his chest so his heartbeat could be heard clearly.

Lincoln, he liked playing hard to get. We never saw his face, he always managed to turn away. The ultrasound tech had a more difficult time finding his heartbeat, and he changed positions many times – sometimes breach, sometimes head up, sometimes feet up.

I want to make these observations now and it will be interesting to see how their personalities evolve. Stay tuned.



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