Santa Fe explorations

This is such a manageable city and we are lucky to have bicycles provided at our casita, so we can avoid paying for parking and cycle to the shuttle or into town and do the rest on foot. There are so many interesting museums that we’re going to buy a pass for four of them – to start with. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at La Taberna Boca, but unfortunately I broke a filling on a piece of hidden crab shell! Which means a visit to the dentist tomorrow – ugh!

photos from a quick visit to The Railyard district which is close to home.

The Cathedral Place area, St. Francis Cathedral, and Loretto Chapel with its “miraculous” staircase. The statue of the lovely Indian lady is of Katerina Tekakwitha, 1656-1680, first Indian of North America to be promoted a saint.

Views from Fort Marcy park.


One thought on “Santa Fe explorations

  1. We’re enjoying your trip even though we’re not able to experience your temperatures. We certainly could do with some snow-free scenery here in NS. Why is Lucy wearing a collar? Your blog is very impressive, Chris, and the photos very professional! Continue to enjoy yourselves!

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