My beautiful and diverse homeland (3)

We left Ecclefechan, after tromping around overgrown cemeteries trying to decipher the inscriptions on the stones, for another picturesque and beautiful drive eastwards.

Our first stop was Holtwhistle – the geographical center of Great Britain. Hmm! If Scotland secedes that will all have to be reconfigured! Anyway, another charming little town.

Hadrian’s wall – I’ve always wanted to see it. We followed it east.

Next stop Hexham – on the spur of the moment to see if we could find a cobbler to repair my beloved gladiator sandals. Success! They will probably last me another several years. What a gem of a town though – very medieval and an amazing abbey in the center (c.673).

Our destination, Durham, another place that’s been on my list. Our B&B a couple of miles out of town – very nice – but Durham itself is beautiful with the castle and cathedral in the town center, and River Wear bisecting. The cathedral is huge and absolutely beautiful as well as being an architectural and engineering feat in the 11th century. Oh! And I forgot to mention the delicious Indian dinner!



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