My beautiful and diverse homeland (4)

The drive from Durham to Whitby was short in miles (as the crow flies) , but we made a few diversions. First stop in Redcar and a walk on the endless beach which was also enjoyed by many dogs and their owners – they, the dogs, made us smile and miss Lucy.

Maerske by the Sea, from where Dennis’s great-grandfather emigrated to the U.S.

Ruswarp – where we are staying – a couple of miles from Whitby. We  enjoyed the country walk along the river into town and back . Met up with Tom and Doris for fish and chips at the #1 fish & chip place in the UK! Whitby was crazy busy! Saturday night at the height of summer!!!


One thought on “My beautiful and diverse homeland (4)

  1. I just went through every picture. FABULOUS. I am now so hungry for Proper Yorkshire Fish and Chips that i may drive to hannaford to pick up some fish and try to reproduce that picture. The humble pie with peas, mash and gravy didn’t turn me on as much, but I LOVE the adorable boxer dog curled up on the couch and your tall, slim, green-shirted friend simply takes my breath away with all his sleepy-eyed nonchalance. Bring him home. Miss you.

    Picked up two more nominations at the 10 o”clock… Both Faye Ward and Linda Dunson have now been nominated. LOTS of new people there this morning. I stopped every one of them at the back door with smiles and greetings. Did finally meet the Kristine person, who is absolutely joining us. Michael Lavendar was present and looking very good. it was Leslie’s birthday today ( well, actually tomorrow). Pat Griffith couldn’t make it… she had hoped to and I was going to pick her up… but then she couldn’t so asked me to make the announcement about the nominations deadline and collect any additional ones. The supply clergy — The rev. Rogers… was fine, friendly. John Ineson found him for us, a friend of his.

    Lucy is suffering through another thunder storm this afternoon. Not too violent, this one. Ceilidh is upstairs under the bed and not coming down, thank you very much, until all rumblings have ceased.

    Tomatoes and corn have reached shoulder height. I got my perpetual spinach seeds from fedco yesterday and got several rows planted that very afternoon. Now they are all being nicely watered with a gentle rain. Life is good.

    We all miss you. Pray there is no death this week.

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