+13.5 hours – Myanmar

Jumping ahead – we are now in a quintessentially idyllic place – a little hut on stilts over the waters of Lake Inle, however, wifi is sporadic at best!

Following blessedly uneventful flights from Hong Kong to Bangkok and then onward to Yangon we were met by our local guide, Tin Oo, and embarked on a crazy drive 20 kms into the town centre during rush hour. Our hotel, Trader’s, now renamed Sule Shangri-la was much more than I expected – even from afar I had this impression of crumbling colonial style buildings, which was the case for many, but the hotel was more than top notch. Our biggest disappointment was that we had to get up and leave at 5 a.m. this morning and couldn’t enjoy the opulent and extensive multi-cultural breakfast buffet!!

I am unable to upload pictures, so will continue working on this day by day and will upload when opportunity presents itself.




One thought on “+13.5 hours – Myanmar

  1. Enjoy your warm weather. All is ice here. It is raining an ice slick. Every tree branch is coated. Maybe it will start melting by mid-day, but right now walking outside is treacherous. Can’t wait to see your pictures. Ask for recipes everywhere. Think of our cooking classes… I’m compiling recipes I think we might use… and trying to think of stuff that can be done on an electric stove. Ugh!

    Miss you.


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