Inle Lake – life on the water

3 thoughts on “Inle Lake – life on the water

  1. Great pictures, Chris. It’s such fun to wake up to these reports. Thank you. I’m fascinated to see the fabric woven with lotus strands… And curious about the dyes they use. Is your guide Twe Twe with you explaining all this or do you have different people each day?

    And so now what are you eating? Anything unusual that we’ve never experienced? Have a great dinner good night’s sleep.

    I just got up at 6 a.m. In order to go to the early bird sales downtown and here is more snow and an icy drizzle and everyone is advised to stay off the roads. DAMN. I WAS GOJNG TO BUY THE CHEAP TICKETS at the Colonial.

    I’ll be watching for your next notes. If I get to the Colonial before 9 and can get the tickets want me to pick up a sheet of nine for you, too. The senior tickets are , like, $5.30 each before 9. Love to you. Nan

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  2. I remember these lake scenes. I travelled from Rangoon to Mandalay and back on an old British type train overnight and it was shot at, there were all bullet holes thru it. What is it like now. And I brought in a large bottle of Gin and sold it on the black market for local money which kept me afloat for the 8 days I was there. We were only supposed to use American dollars or foreign currency, but every thing was much cheaper in local currency. The people were great.


    • I am sure much has changed since then and can use local currency, but they like US$ – crisp, new ones!!! We took car and boat from Mandalay to Bagan and will fly from Bagan to Yangon. Yes, the people are beautiful!

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