Inle Lake – micro-factories and farms

Family run micr0-factories abound on Inle Lake: As part of the tourist tribe, we were fortunate to visit some and see the people at work while having the techniques demonstrated and explained.

Umbrella making: The paper is made from pulp of mulberry bark and decorated with flower petals. The red or brown umbrellas are for monks.

Cigar (cheroot) making:

Weaving – saw an amazing demonstration of extracting thread from the stem of lotus plants which is later woven into fabric – usually as a design with silk, as it is extremely expensive. Unlike most weaving where different colored thread is woven to create the design, at this particular workshop, the thread is tie-died first and then woven into the design.

Boat builders – hand planing and building both long boats and canoes from teak.

Blacksmiths and silversmiths.

Tomato crate maker and distribution center:


Floating farms that grow tomatoes, beans, squash and more. The tomatoes are exported all over the country.



One thought on “Inle Lake – micro-factories and farms

  1. Yes everything is fresh from the markets as there are or were no cool stores or refrigeration and no waxing or preservatives.


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