Bagan bathed in golden light

Our afternoon began with a visit to a lacquer workshop. The owner explained the processes using either bamboo or horsetail hair (which ends up being a flexible product). The base product is covered with cotton cloth, impregnated with a layer of lacquer, and sanded. Afterwards a total of 18 layers (nine on inside and nine on outside) are applied, and dried in a basement or dark area for a period of one-week between each layer. Patterns are etched on to the lacquer and dyed each color at a time.


We met up with our friendly horse and cart driver who took us on a 45-minute ride around and amongst the farmland and temples. The sun was dropping and the lighting was perfect to illuminate the brick stupas.

We were delivered to a “no name” temple where we were met by Min. After climbing extremely high steps (a good 2 ft high) we reached the top where a picnic was set out for us with typical Myanmar fare and we could view the surrounding temples and wait for the sun to set. Perfection!


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