An evening in Siem Reap

We started with dinner at Kanell – specializing in french and asian cuisines and set in the grounds of a hotel with lovely little private cabanas for each table.

Then to Phare the Cambodian Circus, which was formed over 20 years ago to help street children, or disadvantaged children by providing them an education in the arts. All performers in Phare The Cambodian Circus learn their skills through Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPS), an Association providing arts education in Battambang, Cambodia. Young people from the streets, orphanages and struggling families in the community come to PPS to learn, express and heal themselves through the arts.

We saw the show “Sokha” that tells the story of a child haunted by visions of the atrocities and destruction by the Khmer Rouge. Her memories and the surreal weave with myths and facts. Cringing in darkness, consumed by her fears, Sokha discovers her strength and resilience, and gathers all her determination to fight despair. Thanks to her trust in human nature, her choice as an adult will be to believe in social reconstruction by youth using art as a healing and solidarity factor between generations.

Their acrobatics, music and choreography was amazing.

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