Chatuchak not for me!

We took the MRT early to get to Chatuchak market – a humongous market (covers 30 or so acres!) It wasn’t crowded when we arrived, but by the time we left I couldn’t stand it any longer, and walking to Mo Chit station was like swimming upstream against the current!  We picked up a few odds and ends, but, frankly, saw better deals elsewhere. A gazillion clothing stalls and just about anything else too!


2 thoughts on “Chatuchak not for me!

  1. I am so sorry you didn’t like this market. i loved it nd thought you would find things you wanted, too. did you find the knotted scarves? or the beaded and embroidered bags?


    • I found one stall with knotted scarves, but no nice colours. Didn’t see beaded bags. So, so many clothes and nothing I was interested in. Just saw better selections elsewhere, but doesn’t matter – was glad we saw it and the scope of it!!!

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