A few days on the west coast (FL)

East coast or west coast? I am fascinated by trying to determine how people figure out which they prefer. Both have pros and cons, of course.

So we drove from Fort Pierce to Port Charlotte by way of Rte 70 via Okeechobe and Arcadia. It is absolutely unnecessary to turn the steering wheel a degree, and one could possibly believe that you’d been transported to Texas or Oklahoma! It has a very strong western feel with lots of cattle and horses grazing in pastures,  and cowboy hats, jeans and boots are the common attire.

I immediately fell in love with our Airbnb rented loft in Port Charlotte where we stayed for three nights.

We made a little trip up to Osprey to meet up with friends for lunch at Casey Key Fish House which was lovely – sitting outside on the deck at the water’s edge.


Viewing the sunset at Port Charlotte Beach Park.

A long walk on Punta Gorda’s Harbor Walk.

A couple of hours at the beach on the Gulf.


One thought on “A few days on the west coast (FL)

  1. Port Charlotte, I was hoping to check that out, I heard form a yachting friend it is a lovely place and not quite as expensive to live as other surrounding towns.. cool, cannot wait to hear your experience

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