I dream of Africa ….

Still dreaming ….

It was bound to happen one of these days, and today was IT! Our flights have been delayed in the past, but we’ve managed to make our connection or been rerouted without a set-back. Today our flight out of Boston (#BA238) was delayed for close to 4-hours due to mechanical issues with one of the doors, and then had to be de-iced! We arrived at Heathrow an hour too late!

And so we get to spend 24-hours in the homeland but our time in Victoria Falls is cut short a day. Our flight is at 7 tomorrow evening, so hoping for good weather so we can spend a pleasant day in London.


5 thoughts on “I dream of Africa ….

  1. Nuts! Sorry you’re off to a bumpy start, but at least you speak the language where you are! Meanwhile a plane headed to JFK from Abu Dubai had to land in Bangor instead because of weather in NY. Crazy spring. Have a cuppa and carry on! pat

  2. Sorry for your delay Chris…bummer! Enjoy your short visit to London too look at it as an extra bonus. How long will you be in Africa I forgot what you said. Enjoy, Moira

  3. Have been meaning to mention a few things re South Africia. Firstly we loved it especially the Game Parks, a little disappointed in Victoria Falls after having been to Iugasia in Sth America. Are you on a tour and being shepherded around or doing your own thing? We hired a car and did our own thing. We liked Capetown and Stellenbosch the wine growing area, had some very good wine Russell Hamilton Chardonnay. You have not experienced a BBQ until you try a Brae. We also visited the Dragensberg mountains area and Durban and of course Kruger National Park .Your photos will be a trip down memory lane. Has Fenella been able to give you some helpful advise. Looking forward to your Blog. Enjoy love. Lolita


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