Cruising the Zambezi

We took a Wild Horizons evening cruise on the Zambezi north of the falls. We learned so much about Zimbabwe thanks to being seated with Godwin and Leslie, natives of Harare who were in Victoria Falls on business. It was inspirational to hear these young professionals talk about their hopes and dreams for their country. They described how it was during the time of rampant inflation 8 years ago) when new money had to be printed daily. Evidently a note that you had in the morning would likely not buy you a loaf of bread by the evening. During our stay we had hawkers trying to sell us notes for 50 billion, and millions of Zimbabwean dollars.. This is when Zimbabwe switched to using USD, but it makes life very expensive for the locals.

We saw many beautiful and exotic birds in the grassy swamps, but the highlight was a school of about nine hippos!! These vegetarian creatures  put on quite a show for us and the sunset wasn’t too bad either. What an enjoyable couple of hours.



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