Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Pamusha Lodge, our hotel whilst in Victoria Falls, is a treasure! Quite small, quiet and with the friendliest staff one could imagine.

Our visit to see Victoria Falls was exhilarating to say the least. At this time of year, following the rains, the falls are at their heaviest and most thunderous! The “spray” is an understatement! at times the falls are obliterated from view by the clouds and the closer one gets to view them, the wetter one gets! It is like being in a monsoon!!! We’d been warned, but had not expected the intensity. It was exciting and fabulous to see nature at its most powerful without being at risk.



We obtained a bridge pass to cross the Victoria Falls bridge, built in 1905 as part of Cecil Rhodes’ plan to build a Cape to Cairo railroad. Crossing the Zambezi river gorge between Zimbabwe and Zambia, it is used today by pedestrians, trains, and other vehicles, including many trucks traveling throughout Africa. We didn’t go through customs into Zambia, as we would have needed a double-entry visa to Zimbabwe which was more costly than the single entry.


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