Johannesburg to Lydenburg, South Africa

We arrived at our Ginnegap Guest House later than planned thanks to: long queues and many unmanned immigration booths at the airport; organizing rental car; getting sim card for phone; rush hour traffic around the city, and darkness setting in. It was all rather nerve-wracking and stressful, but we arrived safely and were able to walk about half a mile down the road to a wonderfully hip bistro type restaurant – Lucky Bean – where we had the most amazing meals and wine for a ridiculous amount of $$.

Breakfast was taken on the verandah! We decided to give the Apartheid Museum a pass and save Johannesburg for another visit – when we don’t have a rental car! We headed north to Pretoria and took a quick drive and short walk around (Church Square).

Onward through the most beautiful countryside for 380 km. to Lydenburg. Beautiful farmland with acres and acres of corn and sunflowers and wide open spaces.

Our guest house in Lydenburg, Aqua Terra , is set on several acres leading down to a small river, with lovely gardens and expansive views.


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