I dream of Africa – the kill and more …

Sam was tracking lion prints going back and forth on the track – he didn’t tell us at the time, but he thought it meant they had a kill. Shortly thereafter we encountered one lion chewing on a baby buffalo; within 100 feet we found most of the remainder of the pride with a dead adult buffalo. It was a pretty gruesome sight, but evidently not one that is often seen, and we viewed the spectacle for about 30 minutes or more from our vehicle and within 15 feet of the lions.  Evidently they didn’t think we were a threat!!!  The cubs were in the thick of it and holding their own against the adults. They were a real mess – their faces pretty much blood and guts soaked! Their bellies were full (Sam said they eat 40 kg in a session) and they were exhausted and panting from the effort! He said that in all likelihood they took down the baby and the mother probably when to its aid, and they attacked and killed her also which was no easy feat. A short distance away was a small pond and we were able to observe them taking long draughts of water – once again at a very close distance.

Not long afterwards and as the light was turning a beautiful golden color, we found a herd of elephants frolicking and bathing in a pond.



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