Drive from Timbevati to Malelane (via Kruger)

We took the somewhat infamous R40 from Timbevati Reserve south to Hazyview. The reason for infamy being that we were warned of “fake” police who stop you for “violations” and demand cash on the spot! We saw no such people early on a Sunday morning – they were probably recovering from the Saturday night! It was interesting to pass through townships and see people dressed to the 9’s walking along the roadside to church and other activities. Funny little car wash stations all the way – we could have used one, but didn’t stop!

After a short Kruger drive we left via the Malelane Gate and arrived at our accommodation there – the Riverhouse Lodge – what a place! Very eclectic with massive collections of everything, but it all works wonderfully. They have a barn-like structure with comfortable furnishings that overlooks the river and we saw a small herd of elephants, hippos, and a croc!



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