I dream of Africa – farmland, forests..



We crossed the border from the Kingdom of Swaziland back into South Africa at Secundsa. The border crossings are rather quaint; one parks and goes in to be greeted by very friendly customs officials who take great joy in stamping  the life out of your passport! This happens at both the departure and entry points.

As soon as we crossed into S. Africa we spent about 25 km attempting to dodge potholes that became the width of the road! I was driving and was quite enjoying the slalom method of driving! Once we arrived in Piet Rietef the road surface improved considerably and we had the road pretty much to ourselves, which was great when we wanted to stop and take pictures of the majestic scenery or the little thatch roofed communes.

At a 4-way stop in the “dorp” of Wakkerstrom we noticed a rather interesting little row of shops so took a break to stretch our legs.

The 400 km drive unfolded with interesting things to see along the way, beautiful scenery; farmland, corn and hay; forests with beautiful tall and straight pines and trees we have to find out the name of. Little hamlets some more elegant than others, washing hanging out to dry; cattle and goats along the side of the road and sometimes crossing; beautiful farm houses or ranches surrounded by shade trees, and herds of gorgeous looking cattle grazing in the fields.

Our accommodation for the night: Naunton’s Guest House. Dinner at The Guinea Fowl.


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