I dream of Africa … roads less travelled

Our drive from Ladysmith (KwaZulu Natal) to Ladybrand (Free State) took us through more indescribably beautiful countryside.  We only saw the northern tip of the Drakensburg mountains, but the expanse, height, and formations are amazing. We passed by many more Zulu villages tucked into little valleys or on hillsides, the round thatched roofs glistening like cat’s fur; streams and rivers snaking through valleys, some of them dammed up creating turquoise lakes; some of the lower hills were so green that it looked like Ireland. One sees so many images in the different rock formations – resembling animals, some like faces – strange shapes.

We stopped to photograph this quaint church and found these ladies sitting in the shade. They gave me permission to take their photos:)


The roads were good for the most part and we sailed along, stopping to click a photo here and there without the hindrance of other traffic. We skirted Lesotho and stopped in the lovely little town of Clarens – many art galleries, cafes and interesting little shops. Many of the buildings built using the local sandstone giving the place a very light and clean look; a village common in the centre of town added to its appeal.

Overnight at The Top House in Ladybrand and another wonderful dinner at Living Life.


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