Maho Beach and more

Once I knew we were coming to St. Maarten and I started looking up things to do …. the #1 thing on my list was to visit Maho Beach which is at the front end of the airport runway and where jets come in right over the beach! Oh yes! they do! and they come in fast and are hard to capture especially with waves lapping and people walking in front of you! We saw many smaller planes come in but two big jets which was exciting enough for me! ok! I admit it, I would have liked to see a 747!

We also visited Phillipsburg which was disappointing in that it is geared to cruise ships with duty-free shops, etc. and was hotter than h— for walking around. A few interesting buildings but a short visit.

I am obsessed with this woman at the resort who has nails that are about 12″ long!! I have to get in a conversation with her and try and find out the reason/history for this strange feature. Is she a Shaman-ess? is she going for the World Record? a big mystery!!



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