Ponta Delgada and the western corner of Sao Miguel

The weather forecast called for showers today, but they moved through overnight and we had another beautiful day in which to explore more of this gorgeous island.

We started in Ponta Delgado with a walk to the fort and military museum. The fort dates from the 16th century and is in use today by the Portuguese military. From there a walk to visit the small but beautiful Jardim Antonio Borges (gardens) with many fine tree specimens, grottos and flowering shrubs.

Ponta Delgado is a very walkable and easy town to navigate. The narrow roads are cobbled using the volcanic rock and the pavements all have a mosaic design.

Lunch was at Acores Grill where one chooses from various selections of meat and you grill yourself at the table.


We drove westwards to Sete Cicades and the beautiful crater lakes Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde. Legend is that a princess with green eyes fell in love with a shepherd with blue eyes. The union was not permitted by the King causing the princess and shepherd to cry and cry with their tears forming two lakes, one green and one  blue.

Taking dirt roads we ended up in Mosteiros to see the sunset which eluded us in the last few minutes. Nevertheless it was lovely sitting on the black rocks listening to and watching the surf crash onto the rocks and black sand beach.


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