Lisbon – last day!

How can our trip have come to an end? We have seen and done so much; met many wonderful people; stayed in lovely places, and eaten amazing food – and drunk fabulous wine! Unfortunately, this must come to an end – for a while!

Today, breakfast started out at a neighborhood bakery/cafe with a good cup of Americano and my beloved Pastel de Nata and Bola de Arroz! Had to have one of each – who knows when I will have it again??!

We took another Free Walking tour with Gabriella of Lisbon Chill-out Free Tours , a local organization. She took us up and down and around Lisbon for over three hours – hitting some touristic high points, through Alfarma’s narrow “roads”, to a place where we could taste some home-made Ginjinha – a sour cherry liquer, and ending up with a crazily beautiful view over the city.

Street art …


Plazas and edifices …


We spent the afternoon taking tram 15 to Bellem – a neighborhood  west of Lisbon with a beautiful esplanade, park, and the humongous Jeronimos Monastery (dating from 15th century). It is also known for its wonderful pastries, but the line was just too long! So we took the tram back to town and then meandered back to our room for a rest for a couple of hours before heading back out again!

Logging in: 16,153 steps/7.37 miles/61 sets of stairs!


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