Costa Rica finale

Sunset over the pacific on our last evening in Manuel Antonio.

On the way to San Jose we stopped at Cafe Milagro coffee roasters (in Quepos) to pick some up to for home. Ooh! The wonderful aroma.

Our hotel Presidente was easy to spot despite one way streets and hectic traffic. A funky hotel with friendly staff. Delicious steaks for dinner at Tenedor Argentino, but otherwise we just strolled the downtown area.

Volcano Irazú was the agenda for Friday and it was a fabulous day trip from San Jose with breathtaking scenery at every twist and turn in the road. At over 11,000 feet we were above the clouds and the temperatures were perfect. Jersey cows lazed and grazed on the tender and dewy grass, and terraced fields with onions and other produce dotted the mountainsides.

The main crater  has a diameter of 3200 feet and is 1000 feet deep. The area surrounding resembles a moonscape.

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