Learning Goan cuisine – hands on! Day 1

Rita picked us up just after nine in the morning and drove us to her house where she holds the cooking classes in a lovely covered patio surrounded by potted herbs and spices. We met our fellow classmates Kate and Lucy, sisters from London, and Tony, a Home Ec teacher from Darwin. We spent some time chatting and Rita explained the plan for the day which started with a delicious breakfast. From there we headed to the market to shop!

The menu for the day was:
Rissoles de Camarao
Galina Cafreal
Prawn Curry
Bolo Mimosa

After a brief introduction to the spices we’d be using, we started by making the crust, coconut filling and assembling our little tarts.

We then got to work slicing the snake gourd which was our vegetable in the Fugath.

We made a green sauce marinade for the chicken (Galina Cafreal) . Meanwhile a whole shallot was char roasted on the burner to be used for stuffing the squid ( Recheado).

The base for the prawn curry sauce was grated fresh coconut along with turmeric and other spices.

The filling for the prawn puffs (Rissoles de Carmarao) was made and the choux pastry too. They were then assembled, breaded and deep fried.

The last item on the menu was the Recheado which we stuffed into squid and cooked for a very brief time.

At three o’clock, with sore feet and stiff backs, we sat down with a beer to enjoy the fruits of our labor

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