Alleppey on the water

Arrival at Ernakulam Junction at 5pm on a Friday was crazy! Luckily Nan had insisted on having a driver meet us to take us down to Alleppey -a two-hour drive. The roads were full of motor cycles, tuk-tuks, , bicycles, trucks, cars, people!!!

It was dark when we arrived, so we could only get a sense of how lovely the Kayaloram Heritage Resort would be. Sure enough! The next morning as the sun rose over the lake and house boats and fisherman were on the water creating a peaceful scene, the previous day of travel was forgotten. A gaggle of geese and an unlikely flock of guinea fowl and a rooster roamed the grounds and the open-air lobby.

The accommodations were lovely little cottages.

We spent the morning browsing some of the local stalls and shops in Alleppey.

The highlight was a three-floor store with one floor dedicated to saris. Being a Saturday, the young brides-to-be were out in full force – with their friends, sisters, mothers and other advisors in tow.

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