Temple of Heaven

This was the fourth, and last UNESCO World Heritage site that we visited in Beijing.

Originally, this was the place where emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties held the Heaven Worship Ceremony. It is the largest and most representative existing masterpiece among China’s ancient sacrificial buildings. First built in 1420, during the 18th year of the reign of Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty, Temple of Heaven was enlarged and rebuilt in 1545 from a square structure to the round one that exists today. It was used to pray for good harvests in early Spring. The hall is supported by four immense pillars representing the four seasons.

In 1988, it was opened to the public as a park. It’s layout and buildings give insight into the practices of the ancient Eastern civilization.

Our group of 10.

Today at the Temple of Heaven: There are over 60,000 varieties of tree which create a quiet environment and an ideal resort for the locals to do their morning exercise. Residents living nearby enjoy many activities here, such as running, cycling, singing, dancing, playing chess, flying kites, etc.

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