Shimizu and Mount Fuji

Shimizu is a port where many cruisers took trips and excursions to visit Mt. Fuji, but low-key cruisers like us opted to hang out in the small and friendly town of Shimizu where locals stood on each corner and directed us to any points of interest.

Fish drying on racks in the sunshine.

We visited a couple of shrines and cemeteries that were peaceful and interesting.

We spent an hour or so on the bow of the ship, on the helipad, this morning as we entered the port and had the first possible sightings of Mt. Fuji. She was elusive, as is often the case, but the snow capped peak became visible amongst the clouds which gradually dropped and showed her outline.

We could see the mountain’s position behind the clouds from our balcony and during late afternoon she shyly showed herself for a brief time, but never fully exposed.

Shimizu waterfront.

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