We took the Kagayaki Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Toyama with a switch to the Hida line from Toyama to Takayama. Beautiful mountainous scenery with snow capped peaks.

After passengers disembarked, the cleaning crew went onboard to clean and swivel the seats in opposite direction. When they got off they gave a bow (which I wasn’t quick enough to catch) and then proceeded on their way)

Takayama is a charming town nestled in the “Japanese alps” with unspoiled Edo-period streets lined with small shops, pubs and eating places. The homes are mostly built of timber (Japanese cedar) and the windows to the streets are mostly shuttered or louvered. The Miya River runs through the town; water runs in channels along all the streets and everything is immaculate.

Lunch time. Miso soup and good draft beer!

A cute “fast food” stall in Takayama

Another lovely pagoda with massive and ancient willow tree.

It was alongside the river that we saw our first abundance of cherry blossoms.

…..and then more …

Now I am satisfied!

These tots seen on a school bus late afternoon! School can be just too exhausting.

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