Down East with Strawberries’n’Cream

Maine has some terrific state parks – many of them on the water – so we decided on a little two-night jaunt to Lamoine State Park which is in Downeast, Maine.

The term “down east” is such a typical juxtaposition for Maine! Especially when one considers that the area called Downeast (Washington and Hancock counties) are north! However, dating back to the 1820’s, the term referred to the direction in which the ships sailed from Boston. During the summer the prevailing winds on the Maine coast are from the southwest, so ships headed DOWNwind as they sailed EAST (north). Hence the term. Another anomaly – as ships sailed UPwind to Boston, Mainers refer to going “up to Boston” even though it is south of Maine!

Beautiful sunsets and nice long walks with the water always in sight.



One thought on “Down East with Strawberries’n’Cream

  1. I enjoy all your blogs and keeping up with your movements. I don’t have much to report these days. Ian and I are going to Darwin for a week from the 19 August, I am looking forward to getting out of the cold here. Cheers. Lolita


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