Arrival and first impressions – Ireland

The flight was shorter than scheduled thanks to brisk westerly winds, but circling over the Irish Sea,  waiting on the tarmac, and then the interminable queue for immigration set us back a good couple of hours! Not to worry! the weather was beautiful and once we got past Dublin and into the countryside all was well!

Good morning Dublin!

Because we had a long drive to Kenmare (about 4.5 hours) and with our late start, we didn’t have time to make tourist stops along the way. We did make a stop in Cashel for a pub lunch and half a Guinness and a quick look at the Rock of Cashel. Would have liked to explore in depth, but …….

As usual we took the minor roads instead of the main roads which made the driving more fun! and the scenery was beautiful.

Our first and very quick view of Kenmare (where we are staying). LOVED the sheep market right down town on a Wednesday evening!

After a supermarket visit – we had all we needed for a light supper before much needed sleep (none on the plane the night before!)

local cheeses

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