Killarney National Park

Last time we were in Ireland we stayed in Killarney and loved the National Park. It seems that Killarney itself has grown and is definitely more crowded, but a charming town nonetheless. Kenmare is smaller, less crowded, and also very charming.

The road between Kenmare and Killarney takes us through the National Park through Moll’s Gap and other beautiful landscapes. Yesterday was an overcast day and the clouds hung low over the hilltops adding mystery, and the occasional ray of sunshine shone through the clouds like a spotlight in a valley. The ferns have turned rust and the grasses are a mix of gold and green.

We enjoyed a walk from Ross Castle through a lovely moss covered forest to Governor’s Rock and the site of an ancient copper mine (dating back 4000 years).

Our drive home took us on the most interesting drive so far and on the narrowest, one car-wide road through the Black Valley. It was so much fun – sheep wandering along the road, very little traffic, little pull-ins for when one had to pass an oncoming vehicle, and plenty of places to stop for photo opps!

We had dinner (with reservations) at The Mews in Kenmare – definitely recommendable!

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