Sarma in Somerville

An overnight trip to Boston for some shopping, but especially for an encore in flavor explosion at Sarma in Somerville. I made the reservation several weeks ago with anticipation!

We were not disappointed. We ordered six plates – they are all quite small – and enjoyed every morsel and every flavor that burst from the fresher than fresh produce and the delicious sauces.

The Fattoush – with crisp radishes, lettuce and cucumbers, juicy orange and tangy pomegranate with a tangerine dressing was the first plate out and rated number one with both of us!

Sweet Potato Spanakopita was next, and came in second!! Like little birds nests atop delicious beet tzaziki.

Black sesame eggplant shish was, of course, delicious.

Crab and red lentil kibbeh – tasty crab with a good hint of curry.

Brisket shawarmas – three little ones with tender beef.

Brussels sprout Bravas – nutty, roasted Brussels sprouts with crispy hazelnuts served on a skim of cream. Yummy!!!

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